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Angie Ange with Markuann Smith

Source: BreAnna Holmes / Radio One Digital

Markuann Smith speaks with Angie Ange about the 18-year journey it’s been to get the “Godfather of Harlem” series out to the public. After so many nos, who wouldn’t think to give up? But Markuann made a promise to a lady he is happy to call his Godmother, Margret Johnson, “She use to tell me about these magical stories of Harlem” Markuann shares, “and about her grandfather, Bumby Johnson” He said me promised her that he would make a project to share the story of his life and 18 years later, we all able to indulge in his story through the Godfather of Harlem.

We are also able to learn more about Bumby’s relationship with Malcolm X, each different part of Harlem, and more! Outside of the actual episode talk (no spoilers in this interview), Markuann gives more details on why this process took 18 years, as well as the reality of pitching series in Hollywood. “I didn’t have a plan B”, Markuann shares, “You can either chase your pension or your passion” Markuann Smith made a lot of sacrifices to get this story to the masses. With season one is coming to an end, everyone wants to know will there be a season 2?! See full interview to find out…