Why would you want to try Trina of all people?!

Da Baddest has always been a woman who doesn’t bother anybody unless she’s provoked and sure enough, some woman at a Wal-Mart decided to say two words in unison that you shouldn’t ever say to Trina or anybody for that matter. The woman, according to Trina called the Miami rapper a “n***** b*tch.”

Yes, with the hard er at the end.

According to TMZ, the incident occurred at a Cooper City, Florida Walmart when the woman and Trina bumped into one another in the aisle. Trina didn’t file a police report on the woman and due to “safety measures”, she was reportedly escorted out of the Walmart and to her car. The woman didn’t speak to officers.

“Say it again!” Trina says in the video. “Say it the motherf**k again! Say it again! Say it again! Say it the f**k again, you dirty ass b*tch! Say it the motherf**k again. I am a n****r. I am a n****r bitch. Say it again! Say it again. I dare you to say it. I dare you to motherf**kin’ say it.”

At current time, Trina has not addressed the incident but WHEW. Would you have handled this the same way?

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