Hot 107.5’s Bijou Star was at A&B Motors today to give away a 40th Anniversary Edition Convertible Ford Mustang to one lucky listener!  107 people qualified for a key that could open a chest with the Mustang keys in it, and after many tries Dessaray Cranford of Warren, Mi was our lucky winner!

1. Topless Summer Giveaway

Source:David Gray

2. The key to the Mustang

3. She think she has the key to unlock the chest

4. A listener trying to find the lucky key

5. Kyle Simpson and a Hot listener from Kalamazoo

6. Bijou Star and a prize winner

7. Milo and a family of key winners

8. Milo trying to get away in the Mustang

9. Kyle Wendy and Milo

10. Milo and two of our listeners

11. Searching for her key

12. Bijou and Milo with our winner Dessaray Cranford

13. Dessaray and Milo taking a selfie