28-year-old Ruby Delgadillo is still a suspect on the loose being hunted down by police after she allegedly rammed her Prius into a barber for nicking her son’s neck during a haircut.

The barber, Brian Martin’s leg was shattered, telling Oxygen news that the suspect held the steering wheel and aimed right for him before running her car into the 63-year-old. “She looked at me, she pushed me through the building,” he said. Delgadillo is said to have used her 2006 model Prius for the hit and run, which resulted in Martin being launched into a glass storefront at around 3:45 pm in the afternoon on Wednesday, December 4.

Martin was just standing outside his Delta Barber Shop at the time of the alleged incident. “She was looking right at me,” he told KPIX-TV in a phone interview. He also added that her two sons were seated in the passenger seats while, “she put that Prius in go.”

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Based on accounts from both eye-witnesses and the victim, police believe the car strike was an intentional act.

“This incident started as an argument over a haircut the victim provided to the responsible’s child,” the statement reads. “As the argument continued, the responsible got into her vehicle and intentionally drove at the victim, hitting him and pushing him through the glass storefront.”

According to Martin, the woman left the shop after her seven-year-old’s haircut, soon returning to show him what he called was ‘this little scratch.’ “I told her ‘What can I do? There’s nothing I can do!’” he said, adding that the cut happened because the little kid wouldn’t stop squirming. “I just couldn’t deescalate it.”

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Immediately after, Delgadillo returned to her car and dashed at him straight. “She had one hand on the wheel, one flipping me off and screaming,” Martin continued. “She held that steering wheel and she aimed right for me. She looked at me, she pushed me through the building.”

After hitting him, Martin claims that Degadillo simply backed out and drove off from the premises in her car. As of Thursday, she still hadn’t been located.

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