• Date/time: September 16th, 11:00am to 4:00pm
  • Venue: Ford Field
  • Address: 200 Brush St., Detroit, MI, 48226

Saturday, September 16, 2017 | 11am-4pm

Back-to-School Family & Friends

Suicide Prevention & Awareness Day

This event is offered at no cost to Wayne County residents.

Only one ticket per person should be requested, as we would like the names of each of the individuals planning to attend so we can provide certificates. You can use your email address, but we need separate names.

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Teenage girls cyber-bully classmate using wireless technology.

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Going back to school can be difficult. This is a rough time for many, there may be bullying, stress, negative family situations, difficulties with social acceptance, and other challenges can lead to risk of suicide. In fact, suicide has increased by 300 percent in adolescents since 2010. It was once the third leading cause of death in those ages 15-24, but is now the second. leading cause of death among this age group, and the sixth leading cause of death among 5- to 14-year-olds. While this is quite alarming, it is preventable. To have a successful transition back to school, you need resources to live mentally well. Successful interventions require the coordination of resources. Through this event, families will receive the following information:

  1. Know how and where to find resources

  2. Create a support system for yourself

  3. Develop healthy habits

  4. Change the word “failure” to a “lesson learned on the way to success”

Communication about suicide and contributing factors needs to increase not only in the media, but with educators and families. To reinforce the importance of education about mental health and related disorders, including substance use, and to build awareness of resources, the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority will present a Suicide Prevention Conference, Back to School: Ask the question, Save a life.

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