Saturday Night Live - Season 45

Source: NBC / Getty

When a comedy legend returns to Saturday Night Live, all the stops are pulled in making sure the episode is a classic.

For the first time in 35 years, Eddie Murphy returned to SNL as host and immediately after he was welcomed, he was feted with a standing ovation and cheers of “EDDIE” from the studio audience. As he started off his monologue cracking jokes about replacing Bill Cosby as America’s Dad, he was joined by so many heavy hitters who thought he got their sketches too.

Who else would get interrupted by Tracy MorganChris Rock , and Dave Chappelle, along with Kenan Thompson? Chappelle joked, “Right now, you’re looking at half of Netflix’s budget on stage.”

The fun didn’t stop there as Murphy brought back some of his SNL classics such as Mister Robinson (who taught us about gentrification), Gumby, Buckwheat and Velvet Jones. Watch Murphy bring back the classics on SNL below.

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