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Doja Cat with Lore'l and On Air Jordan

Source: BreAnna Holmes / Radio One Digital

Miss “Juicy Juicy” herself, Doja Cat Sat down with Lore’l and On Air Jordan for a fun talk on music, love and so much more!

After her viral video “Moo”, Doja got a lot of people’s attention…

But with the attention from this song people weren’t kind of looking at her as a joke until her album “Amala” dropped. Doja shares with Lore’l and Jordan how that song was just an inside joke for the world to see and wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. Doja also talks about her new music and her album coming out on November 7th!

Lore’l got a little into Doja’s business and asked about her new relationship that has a lot of her fans upset. With all of the “Lip Service” talk Lore’l also asked if Doja could date a bisexual man and if she’s had any work done. Doja has curves galore but are they real?! See the full interview below…