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Butt Sunbathing

Is The Newest Wellness Trend BUT Ummm…

Happy woman relaxing in hammock on the beach.

Source: skynesher / Getty

We’ve all heard of or some have even tried sunbathing or tanning BUT have you heard of “Perineum Sunning”? What’s that? Well basically butthole tanning. Meagan, an Instagram influencer from California, claims that since she started letting the sun in through her rear end, she’s had better sleep, more energy and balanced sexual activity. These benefits sound great but would try it?

The trend has gone viral but doctors are warning to not get too carried away. You can partake in this but for only 30 secs at a time! Find out more here —> https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/10427677/woman-bum-sunning-ritual-boosts-energy/