Big Greg

Big Greg is Hip-Hop! He hails from Bronx, NYC, birth place of Hip-hop. He graduated from the University of Dayton with a Degree in Communications and a double minor in Criminal Justice and Psychology. Greg made his name making mix tapes for signed and unsigned artists, before reigning over Cincinnati's airwaves and moving up to conquer the D as the hip-hop king of Detroit seven years ago! The MORNING HEAT on Hot 107.5 is Detroit’s only live and local urban morning show! Launched on October 13th 2014, The MORNING HEAT features hip-hop talent Big Greg, Detroit’s own comedian Foolish and sexy and smart Deelishis. It is fun, controversial and entertaining, while serving up local news, traffic and events of interest to its listeners. Each of the three individuals bring their own unique high-energy, Detroit-based perspective to mornings on Hot 107.5.