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Asking For A Friend,

What’s A Question From A Child That Had You Stuck?!

Black woman with headache and playful son in background

Source: JGI/Jamie Grill / Getty

Erica Mena from “Love & HipHop” recently married Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree and they are expecting their first child together. Erica’s son, King, is 11 years old and wants to look out for his new baby sister. Erica, who is against vaccinating, shared a text conversation with her son in her IG story. “Oh, I’m so sorry for wanting my baby sister to live as healthy as [possible]” was his point for making sure she would be vaccinated. (See Full Conversation on The Blast)

This exchange got On Air Jordan and Angie Ange thinking, what is a question or statement a child has asked that had you like…what?! You know those questions that made you question the words coming out of the child’s mouth. Angie and Jordan shared their situations and we had a lot of listeners with funny ones too. See some of the comments in the posts below…