Unlike most other companies, we are not a “one size fits all” solution. Typically, accounts are negotiated down to about 50% LESS than what you owe. For example if you owe $30,000 to your creditors, you may be able to save up to $15,000 or more. Do you have questions? Contact us today to see if you qualify and how much we may be able to save you.

An important aspect of our programs is that upon successful completion, your enrolled accounts will be SETTLED IN FULL, meaning you owe absolutely nothing more on those accounts. The creditors are required to report your account satisfied and with a “0” balance on your credit report, which helps your debt to income ratio, your debt to high credit ratio, and eliminates the accounts reporting as outstanding debt. One of the most important aspects of your credit report is your “debt to high credit ratio” as too much outstanding debt can actually be very detrimental to your credit report.

If being debt free in as little as 12-36 months for typically half of what you owe sounds good, give one of our debt consultants a call, use the contact form or email us and one of our debt consultants will contact you to discuss your specific situation.

Debt Reduction Steps

The Debt Reduction Program is easy and effective. Here is a step-by-step overview:

Step 1: Call or e-mail us for a free consultation. We will assess your financial situation and determine your potential for debt reduction and which program is best suited for your needs.

Step 2: We will help you to determine a comfortable monthly amount to save towards negotiated settlements. This amount is typically significantly less than your current minimum payments, and goes toward paying off your actual debt (not simply paying interest charges and fees). These funds will be saved every month in a new FDIC insured account that we help you set up, but which you have control of.

Step 3: Once you enroll in a “Debt Reduction Program,” you must close all accounts that are being negotiated and you are requested to avoid using credit cards while in the program.

Step 4: Your creditors are negotiated and settled individually. Negotiations attempt to reduce the debts as low as possible, historically settlements average approximately a 50% savings. You are updated about the progress and you receive “Good News” notifications detailing the settlements. You may request a copy of the original settlement letter from your creditor at any time after settlement.

Step 5: Your creditors are required to report to the credit rating bureaus that your accounts are settled in full and there is a “0” balance remaining. Upon graduation, you will receive a graduation packet which includes copies of all settlements directly from the creditors and you will be provided information how you may correct your credit reports for free. Congratulations, you are now Debt-Free!

After the Program: If you are interested in credit repair, purchasing a home or related financial services products – we can put you in touch with a reputable provider to assist you. If you simply want advice about a financial services decision, we will always help you find the best strategy for staying debt free and building personal wealth.

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