Cassie didn’t only start a trend by shaving the side of her head — after all, Rihanna, LaLa, Raven Symone, Carmen Electra, and Keyshia Cole all followed suit — but she can also take the credit for starting the celebrity nude photo leaks of 2009. No star is safe as we’ve seen personal and private photos, of both men and women alike, begin to surface on the web and every media outlet thereafter. Whether you call them publicity stunts or invasions of privacy, the over-exposure has caused Rihanna to lose her VOGUE cover and Jamie Foxx to lose his dignity, but Day26’s own Willie Taylor is the latest victim. A photo has emerged, showing the singer holding his own, um, willie. Though Foxx took full blame for his incident, Taylor is pointing fingers at Photoshop. He first took to his Twitter account, immediately claiming, “Truth is if it was me i would just say it was me!! ya’ll know i dont give no fuck!! LOL,” but has since released an official statement:

“It is very unfortunate that someone would try to degrade my name byposting a fake photoshop image of myself on the internet holding what is alleged to be my penis. The alleged picture is my face, but the holding the penis part is not.

I am a man that has a family and have a tremendous amount of respect for myself, my son, my group and all of my fans across the world and I would never put them through such a predicament. So, in a nut shell, that picture is not me.”

See the NSFW photo here. Be careful.

So, what do you think? Real or fake? What would Diddy do?

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