From the looks of the preview for “Oprah,” Mike Tyson admits that he abused former wife Robin Givens during their 1980s marriage.

The 44-year-old actress is speaking out on how her painful experience has allowed her to relate to Rihanna.

“It is so difficult to balance celebrity, being young and having this huge responsibility. I was a baby. So I understand the pressure that Rihanna feels to speak out, especially when that camera is on you. You do need time to figure your life out. I do feel that if she speaks out about it people will listen to her. But she is young and I can imagine the pain and the confusion she is going through. She has every right to take all the time she needs. It is very confusing because of what we do [perform], you feel that your life belongs to a lot of people but your life belongs to you.”

About Mike Tyson’s interview with Oprah:

“I will not be watching. I am going to be taking my oldest son and 10 of his friends on a cruise to the Bahamas.”

Watch the infamous clip from the couple’s 1988 joint interview on “20/20″ in which Givens impulsively exposes Tyson’s abusive behavior. She also described her life as”torture, pure hell, worse than anything I could possibly imagine” and claimed Tyson was “manic depressive.”

VIDEO: Mike Tyson On Oprah (Preview)

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