Like a transcending athlete, Hydro is a hard-working rap artist focused to reach his dream of entertaining the world. He exudes greatness with his unique lyrical capabilities and natural, yet effective flow. Always performing at his top capacity, Hydro has built his name from the ground up proving he’s worthy of stardom. Hydro took time out to speak with DJBJ about his journey to where he is at today.

Hydro, was raised on the west side of Detroit, MI in the mid 1980’s. As the youngest of six children, he has always managed to be the center of attention. His first love, basketball, was Hydro’s way to exhibit his start power. While in high school, Hydro displayed natural athletic ability and discovered his lyrical creativeness.. It was not until college that Hydro decided to diligently pursue his rap career. School and basketball became his secondary plans and at that point and Hydro fully emerged.

Although Hydro continuously radiates cheerfulness, he is not a stranger to struggle. Starting with a life threatening car accident in which he was ran over and dragged for almost a block, to the death of a life-long best friend, he has always managed to turn tragedy into triumph. As a result of this life-threatening experience he learned to appreciate life even more. Hydro grew to be a talented young man who possessed lots of potential.

His performances include: Hart Plaza’s Ribs and Soul Festival, Cobo Hall- The Dirty South Invasion- T.I. Rick Ross T-Pain. The Ford Field @ The Dub Car Show 07,08,09- Three6Mafia, 8Ball MJG, Clipse, Young Dro Gorilla Zoe & etc.. Detroit’s Summer Jamz ‘06,09 and Radio one Hot102..7 Shoes for Shorties.


(warning: explicit lyrics)

Hydro has also dominated in many competitions. He has been the winner 50 cent Formula50 Vitamin Water Rap Competition- Comerica Park, Detroit’s Rap TV Rap Competition, Hot102.7/ UPN50’s Rap Competition, and Bless the Mic Competition @ Status Quo Nightclub and many many more.

” I Love performing, I’m not done yet, I’ve only just begun. If you can think it, you can do it, the sky is the limit, anything’s possible”!

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