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An in-home nurse, beloved wife and mother is gunned down on the job. FOX 2 spoke with the woman’s husband and mother about the worked she loved as the search continues for her killer.


“The strength that she gave me and guidance and just enjoyed going through life together with her, and it’s going to a huge hole in my life,” said Victor Johnson, Carrie’s husband.

“I have to find some of the things to be thankful for because I don’t have her,” said Kae Wheeler, Carrie’s mother.

Life for those how knew and loved 39-year-old Carrie Lynn Johnson is now minus a precious jewel. She had a special gift of making everyone feel like they mattered. Carrie was a home healthcare nurse, a caregiver, but for Carrie it wasn’t just a career, it was more like a mission for which she dedicated her entire heart and soul.

“She had a compassion and a drive to bring out the best in everybody and do her best. She helped many people,” Johnson said. “Just for no reason her life was taken.”

On January 21, Carrie was visiting one of her patients at his home on Chene on Detroit’s east side. She’d always felt safe there. Nothing bad ever happened, but this time things were different. Someone entered the home and opened fire, shooting and killing both Carrie and the 68-year-old man for whom she was caring. Then the suspect set the house on fire seemingly to cover up his crime. Carrie’s car was stolen from the scene. Family members tell us it was found the next day.

“Her jewelry wasn’t stolen. Her phone wasn’t stolen. Car was left with the keys in it. Her purse was in the car,” said Johnson. “Somebody out there knows something. Somebody’s knows who did this. Whoever did this needs to face the music and be brought to justice.”

No one deserves this. Carrie was a wife, a mother, and a daughter. She meant so much to so many people and now she’s gone.

“I don’t have revenge in me. Nothing’s going to bring her back, but for some reason God has allowed this. I have lots of faith and we’ll get through it,” Wheeler said.

How could anyone do something so horrible, so vicious, and so violent without any regard for the innocent grieving victims you’ll leave behind.

“She knows that I’ll do (my) best to raise our children,” Johnson said. “I love her from the bottom of my heart.”

A Royal Oak home will never be the same. This family is lost without Carrie. She has a five-year-old daughter and nine-year-old twin stepsons who are all trying to understand this.

Carrie’s husband is an engineer, but he was recently laid off. They have no medical or life insurance. If you would like to do something to help them, contact the Royal Oak Missionary Church. The information is listed below:

Royal Oak Missionary Church

411 East Eleven Mile Road

Royal Oak, MI 48067

(248) 541-6606

If you know who killed Carrie and the elderly man for whom she was caring, please call police.


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