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Roc-A-Fella co-founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke has shared his reaction to the recent collapse of Dipset and hinted at trying to put the team back together.

Known for working with Damon Dash to get Cam’ron and Dipset on Roc-A-Fella around 2001, Biggs said he is interested in trying to patch things up.

“I’m just coming back to kinda find out what’s going on,” Biggs said in an interview. “So I haven’t been around to see what’s going on, who’s right or wrong. So eventual, yeah, we’ll hear both sides and see what’s going on. We’ll put everything back together and try to smooth things out.” (Forbez DVD)

Dipset’s Jim Jones recently hinted at a reunion during a “106 & Park” broadcast earlier this month.

“Shout-out to Juelz [Santana], [Freekey] Zeke and Cam,” Jones said during the show’s broadcast. “Dipset for life. We might have some surprises for y’all but you know I’m gonna keep my mouth shut. [laughs] But we gonna get money. The revolution, I told y’all. I’m here.” (“106 & Park”)

Zeke recently spoke on accusing Cam’ron of having questionable contracts and Jones stealing funds.

“My whole thing, I think it’s some hop squash, I think everybody need to go and slap each other with a leather glove,” Freeky said in an interview. “I think we need to sit down and re-do everything all over, because there was a lot of the things that people don’t agree that Cam did with [the] shiesty contracts and there’s a lot of things that Jim did [with the] robbing [of ] the money. Who hasn’t got over on somebody? We all probably got over a dollar or two. Whether it was a female in the hood and she told a dude she was pregnant and he gave her $300 for no reason or a dude tell his man something cost $10 and it really cost $4 and the same situation is happening as far as Dipset is concerned and I think everybody should just chill out, reevaluate what happened in the past and meet at some type of standard. At the end of the day, I feel that when it comes to the Dipset reunion, everybody needs to shut up and get this money. That’s how Freekey feels, the president of Diplomat Records.” (Hip Hop Wired)

After releasing a diss song going at Zeke over the stealing allegations, Jones said he still maintained love for his Dipset brother.

“Shouts to Zeeky, f*cking punk!,” Jones explained in an interview. “He wasn’t lying about things like that. I wasn’t stealing, though. I don’t steal. So he put the track out, put some real life situations out. Some parts of our history and things like that, but I felt I needed to respond. We’re having fun, so I felt I needed to respond. With the Diplomats, there was a lot of people involved in it. So that part is more frustrating than anything and sh*t. You start thinking about the money, and become a realist. There’s a lot of motherf*ckin’ money at stake. I’m just saying, it’s hard out here to make a dollar, especially now. So if you got people offering you millions and millions of dollars that could feed other people. Not just about me and you, buddy, there’s other people. You claim you love Zeek so much and all that sh*t. If n*ggas are telling me, Zeek can make a mill and some change, what’s happening boss?” (Complex)

Check out Biggs speaking on Dipset below:

Biggs (Roc-A-Fella Silent Partner) Says He Is Going To Get Cam ron And Jim Jones Talking Again! (Interview Preview)

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