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Most rappers use a stage name — like Nicki Minaj — in lieu of their government moniker, only to adopt another alias to spice things up. While some are clever, others are dreadful and theBVX has rounded up the best of the worst. Read them and weep… literally.

10. Snoop Dogg aka ‘Niggarachi’

Boy, does this one smell of awfully awful-ness. When Big Snoop Dogg decided he wanted to produce, he also figured a new alias. Where the hell he came up with “Niggarachi” we’ll never know. The original Liberace was a flamboyant multi-instrumentalist, so we truly don’t get it. Maybe he’s just a musical genius who loves them hoes?

Who else made the list? See what they said about Kanye, Chingy, Juelz and Nicki Minaj’s aliases@

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