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Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris has revealed that there will be an adult version of his upcoming new music video “Sex Room.”

Luda also claims the video’s inspiration stems from 2009 comedy movie, The Hangover.

“The ‘Sex Room’ video will be on your tube very soon and on the Internet,” Luda said on the red carpet for KIIS-FM’s annual Wango Tango festival in Los Angeles over the weekend. “We got two different versions: one just for the adults and one for the kids. We did it out in Las Vegas. What better way to do it? Me and Trey Songz — it’s pretty self-explanatory. The concept is kind of like ‘The Hangover’ theme, just like the movie. You gotta check it out.” (MTV)

Last month, Luda talked about how he finds the inspiration to his hit records.

“Man, how do my lyrics come to me? I draw inspiration from everywhere but I can definitely say living in Atlanta, Georgia, going to a variety of places, ‘How Low Can You Go’ and ‘My Chick Bad,’ I think I got those just living in Atlanta Georgia and just living every day regular life, strip clubs, beautiful women, ‘How Low Can You Go,’ and ‘My Chick Bad.’ There you have it.” (“Sucker Free Sundays”)

The rapper recently talked about wanting to feature Lauryn Hill on his Battle of the Sexes album.

Ludacris’ latest album features a number of female rappers — but the Grammy-winner acknowledges there’s one lady he really wanted to work with. “I think Lauryn Hill is like extremely talented and I can say I did try to do that, it just didn’t work itself out,” he says of the multiple Grammy-winning singer-rapper, whose only studio album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” has sold more than eight million units in the United States since its release in 1998. (Toronto Sun)

His newest release has sold nearly 400,000 units since its release earlier this year.

Disturbin’ Tha Peace leader Ludacris’ Battle of the Sexes album dropped 13 spots to No. 33 with 17,600. After nine weeks, the rapper’s new compilation project has sold 390,600 records to date. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out some behind-the-scenes “Sex Room” footage down below:

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