A representative for Atlanta rapper Alfamega has confirmed that his son and daughter were involved in a violent altercation inside of T.I.’s Club Crucial in Atlanta.

According to reports Alfamega daughter was involved in some sort of altercation inside of the club which, resulted in her being stabbed multiple times.

Alfamega’s son was also reportedly beaten and suffered from a broken jaw, when he tried to intervene on behalf of his sister.

Sources told that the rapper’s daughter suffered from three stab wounds in addition to two collapsed lungs.

She is currently recuperating from her injuries, as is the rapper’s son who also suffered multiple contusions, in addition to the broken jaw.

At press time it is not known if anyone has been charged in the assault.

The incident occurred on Christmas Eve (December 24), just two days after T.I. was released from a low security prison facility in Arkansas, after serving less than a year for possession of machine guns and silencers.

Alfamega had a falling out with T.I. and the Grand Hustle camp in 2009, after revealed that Alfamega had served as an informant in a drug case.

Alfamega released a track titled “Round One,” which took T.I. to task over his banishment from Grand Hustle. His manager refused to release a statement, but confirmed the assault.

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