Former G-Unit solider Young Buck continued his beef with 50 Cent’s camp with the release of another hard hitting diss song called “Steroids.”

While primarily focusing on 50, who he calls “Curtis,” Buck also takes shots at Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo on the four-minute diss.

“I’m sorry Ms. Jackson, I know the G-Unit n*ggas is irrelevant and all y’all but some sh*t just gotta get handled,” Buck said on the song’s intro. “F*ck your contract n*gga…You told on Supreme and other n*ggas’ connections — Go ahead and f*ck [XXL Magazine Editor-In-Chief] Vanessa [Satten] to get the front cover/I’ma just address ya to get the front cover/Get Flex to fix another old school up/But if [Hot 97 director] Ebro find out, you’re screwed up/My contract’s f*cked up and yours is too, Curtis, for the next ten years you’re Jimmy’s wh*re dude/You Eminem’s slave, belong to Dre/Think if they tried to hold your a** back to getting paid/What would you do, tell your sister Yayo that her career through?” (“Steroids”)

On New Year’s, Buck also dropped a diss track going at Fif’s crew.

“I’m just saying, they asked for this sh*t, I ain’t popping no bottles n*gga,” Buck says on the song. “I just buried my best friend, it’s f*ck everything/F*ck them G-Unit n*ggas and whatever you claim, you better bang/I feel no pain as I kill y’all — 40 [Glocc] speaking on me, you don’t know me homie/But I know Compton n*ggas that wanna do that for me/Go get Curtis now, tell him Buck said f*ck ’em because for the last two years this h*e ain’t said nothing/I came from the dirt, I’m sh*tting on your label and p*ssing on your paperwork/Look b*tch you need this, here go some energy/Yayo you know you the biggest h*e in the industry/It’s all over now, y’all better kill me/Yeah I been selling dope to feed my baby, feel me/Ain’t no way in h*ll I’mma do this yearly/So I’mma start it off by saying ‘Happy New Year’….You could give me ten million and I wouldn’t come back/What the f*ck is 50 Cent is what Jimmy said/Look at yourself, even now digging up the dead/Get some help all you had left was one Buck/And you lost that and f*cked up, now it’s ‘Happy New Year.'” (“Happy New Year”)

50 recently said he was preparing a visual for his Buck and Game diss track, “So Disrespectful.”

“It’ll be out, there’ll be a visual for it,” Fif promised in an interview. “The record is working by itself, that one, you know, it just plays with no assistance from the record company because people like it and took it and personally enjoy it. But I wrote that record about people I have had issues with that were pretty cool or at some point I felt they crossed me. You know, so I wrote those different things and it came out good. People enjoy it.” (Big FM)

Despite their estranged relationship, 50 recently said Buck is still on the G-Unit Records roster.

“Buck is still signed to G-Unit Records, hopefully he can come up with a record. If he can come up with a song, we can get my money back, you know what I’m saying? I hope he can come up with something right quick. I’m looking forward to that check at least. They gotta pay me not to put the [G-Unit] logo on it.” (This Is 50)

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