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Slaughterhouse’s Royce Da 5’9 has responded to Benzino’s recent taunts toward his crew and questioned what the rap veteran’s true issues were.


While also taunting Zino, Royce explained how neither artist have had a face-to-face encounter.

“Yo Benzino,” Royce says in a self recorded video. “We ain’t got no beef with you because you ain’t never did nothing to me. You ain’t never came close to putting no hands on me, I ain’t even seen you in person so I ain’t got no reason to wanna kill you. So all that pulling guns out and acting like a motherf*cking ‘Rambo’ and sh*t, if I see you, you better be the same n*gga in the video and when I see you, we gonna talk and let’s talk. I ain’t saying I got no beef but I wanna know what your motherf*cking problem is. Okay ‘Mr. Burns.’ You better slow your motherf*cking roll, all them liver spots you got on you. All that f*cking retirement home stench…You look like Sean Paul…You talking all that murder sh*t, but you need to get back on the rapping tip…” (Hip Hop News 24/7)

Prior to that, Zino released a video going after Crooked I (check out the video below).

“Okay, first of all, we gonna talk about what that was about, that was about trying to give you f*cking weirdos some f*cking pub in the number one urban selling [magazine],” Zino said in the video. “[Your] cigar isn’t even lit, you got this big stupid a** hoody trying to talk like you reading from a script, you’re p*ssy Crooked, and you’re named after a malt beverage. I know Suge [Knight] done left your a** butt a** naked out there a long time ago. You need to go handle that. Because you don’t want none of me. And you talking about guns and stuff, silencers on guns, since we on a gun subject, let me show you this right here…Guns is a part of life, y’all n*ggas pop sh*t — and then when it comes down to some real sh*t, some real n*gga sh*t, then it’s a bunch of ‘Oh, I’m not, I’m not.’ You dry snitching, there’s only one thing worse than a sntich and that’s a dry snitch.” (Halitosis 2K)

Previously, Crooked asked why Zino was trying to involve guns in their dispute (check out the video below).

“Benzino, yo, real talk, why?,” he asked. “You talking too much homie, you doing too much. It’s only a couple ways to get out of a beef, man, and you might as well squash this sh*t. I know you was mad because [we] didn’t do the motherf*cking interview with your magazine, but that was some other sh*t. You knew what that was about. You shouldn’t have even spoke on it or caught feelings. If you a real gangsta, you don’t catch feelings over that sh*t. You thinking with your emotions right now. Showing guns on the Internet? N*gga, you on the hip-hop cops radar right now, that’s what you just did. Calm down homie, it’s not about all that bullsh*t…I got love for Boston, don’t even go there. Do not go there, you went too far showing motherf*cking pistols…” (YouTube)

Initially, Zino said problems erupted over a situation with Royce’s manager.

“The whole thing with Slaughterhouse, I felt like the whole thing with Royce’s manager, they didn’t want to give [my publication] Hip Hop Weekly, the number one urban hip-hop magazine out there, [an interview] but it really wasn’t no beef. He said a few things, I said a response. If it was beef now, you know how we doing it.” (57th Ave)

Check out Royce Da 5’9 speaking on Benzino down below:

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