Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap veteran Benzino has dropped a new Royce Da 5’9 diss record called “Break To Build” with Raekwon going at the Slaughterhouse member.


On the track, Zino throws a few soft jabs toward Royce.

“Stash y’all the treasure, switching up the strategy,” Zino raps, “Move outta character, flip him like a pancake/Seven figure salary, deals on the handshake/Armed full of angels, fresh with a low cut/Add it to your blazer, n*gga what you know about it/Over time hustlin’, money and motivation/Spittin’ over concussions, standing ovation/Outta pocket n*ggas get dealt with/Serial killers be at your crib then we turning to Celtic…” (“Break To Build”)

Following the song’s release, Raekwon said his vocals were never meant for a diss track.

“For the record i wanna say i take no part in nobodys diss song,” he wrote Monday (December 28), “I just sent them a verse thts it! THATS BTW THEM BROTHERS KEEP ME OUTTA IT!” (Raekwon’s Twitter)

Earlier this month, Royce dropped his “No Coming Back From That” record going at Zino and Canibus.

“Now b*tches want my attention like the Canibus diss,” Royce raps. “You ain’t got no mechanical handle, quit handling d*ck/We liked you before the army, now we ain’t a fan of your sh*t/You know my Mac pop, Detroit is my backdrop/Shut your a** up and go have some sex with your laptop…Benzino, the hardest n*gga, you don’t know him for hammers/You know him for talking sh*t with N.O.R.E. behind the cameras/I blam at ya and damage ya.” (“Back From That”)

Benzino lashed out at Slaughterhouse, labeling them “overrated” in an interview last summer.

“I think them n*ggas is mad overrated, real talk,” Zino said in an interview. “Yeah, them n*ggas is mad overrated yo, for real. I don’t know what all the hype about them is. And I knew Tahiry was gonna leave Joe Buddens, you blog too much homie. You blog too much, stop blogging man and watch out [for] where your girl’s at, man. You blog too much homie. Them n*ggas is overrated. I’m not f*cking with Slaughterhouse, f*ck them n*ggas. F*ck Royce Da 5’9, [it began] with some sh*t about we trying to interview Slaughterhouse and they don’t want to give us an interview because of Kim ‘Fat B*tch’ O’Sorry H*e is wife to the manager of Royce Da 5’9 and they don’t want to give us an interview so like f*ck them n*ggas man… (57th Ave)

Check out Benzino & Raekwon’s “Break To Build” record below:

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