Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Shady Records artist Obie Trice has called out BET by accusing the urban network of blackballing his music in the past, after Eminem skipped their annual awards shows.


According to Trice, Em’s publicized 2006 performance was set-up in order to get his records played again.

“I can only talk about my last album, Second Round’s On Me. There was a lot of things going on with that record as far as promotion-wise and the marketing scheme of the record, and then a bunch of issues with MTV not playing my lead single with Akon, and that kind of hindered things — we needed that video look,” Trice explained in an interview. “BET wouldn’t play the video because Eminem had missed the BET Awards three years in a row, so he had to shake hands with them, kiss and make up with them by going back to the BET Awards with Busta Rhymes that one year to fix that situation so we can get music played. So honestly, it’s the push of the label, the push of the radio playing the music and just working the record. Some people work records, and if it ain’t an instant hit they leave it alone. That’s kind of like Interscope’s format. You have other labels that work records for six months–they believe in this record, and they believe in that record. So it’s just about the mechanics behind the whole situation, I believe.” (XXL Mag)

Ludacris protege Willy Northpole previously said his “#1 Side Chick” video was banned from BET due to the controversial sexual subject matter last summer.

Northpole manager Tiffany Johnson says BET didn’t like how the video portrays a man in a relationship with two women. Johnson says there’s no anger in Northpole’s camp toward BET, but the channel’s decision. “Kind of hurt, because they’ve shown a lot worse,” she says. “I don’t know how they can say we’re portraying something unwholesome, because the video ends with the man marrying one of the women. I feel our video is tasteful. We were kind of offended. My first thought was ‘Every Girl in the World’ can get played, and we can’t?” (Phoenix New Times)

Willy resorted to his personal Twitter page to motivate fans to reach out towards BET and have his video aired last July.

“Let your voice be heard of this quality video that should be aired at:… YALL GET ON BET ON THAt link for me…GO TO @VANESSAVEASLEY CLICK FIRST LINK SHE HAS AND GET EM’ THEY SAID ITS DEGRADING WOW…SHOUT OUT TO MTV FOR ALWAYS SHOWWING LOVE 2 YA BOY they go hard yall” (Willy Northpole’s Twitter)

With this week’s release of Obie’s Special Reserve, SOHH hit up the Detroit emcee to learn about the album’s content.

“Me and my man [MoSS] from Toronto, h*ll of a producer, we’re putting the music out there that we did back in the day and just putting it out there, it’s some old-school, new-school hip-hop sh*t,” Obie told SOHH. “When Bottom’s Up comes out, then we’ll talk about that Shady sh*t. This is some of the music that signed me to Eminem’s label.” (SOHH)

BET has not yet responded to Obie Trice’s accusations.

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