Grammy-nominated rapper Kid Cudi has reportedly been dropped from his opening slot on Lady Gaga’s nationwide Monster’s Ball tour.


While an official confirmation has yet to arise, reports say the decision was made as of today.

According to our political connects, Cudder has been kicked off Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour for punching a fan last week in Vancouver. Lights out, Cudi. (Rap Radar)

Details on Cudi’s physical fan altercation took over the Internet beginning on Saturday (December 12).

The Internet is buzzing with a widely distributed video of what happened next. Cudi leaves the stage, climbs up on the crowd barrier and throws a punch. Rumors abound that the person he tagged wasn’t the original offending party. A first-person report from the alleged victim is also being widely distributed online. In the story, the victim claims that wallet was thrown on stage by him after it had been returned to him in error and Cudi had said he would take it back if it wasn’t his. Whatever the case, the video makes clear that someone was the target of the non-gangsta rapper’s rabbit punch. (Kelowna News)

The victim, Michael Sharpe, explained why he would not take the emcee to court earlier this week.

Michael Sharpe tells TMZ it all went down like this: someone behind him threw a wallet onto the stage. He says Cudi tossed it back to the crowd and Michael caught it — but since it wasn’t his, he tossed it back. Sharpe says that’s when Cudi came towards him and, he says, Cudi started to punch him. Sharpe says his friends held him back and security quickly pulled Cudi away. Sharpe told us, “I’m not upset, I’m not going to be that person. I just want to meet him and be like ‘I’m the guy you punched.’ I’m not going to press charges.” (TMZ)

Prior to joining the tour as a last-minute addition, Cudi spoke on his initial reasons for wanting to turn down the opportunity to hit the road with Gaga.

“It was a couple of weeks ago, actually,” Cudi revealed regarding when he was requested to join the tour. “I got the call, and at first I just had to see if it was going to fit. I wanted to take a lot of time off for my family, just kind of hang with them. It worked out in a timely fashion, I’ll still be able to put in the family time after the tour, I got a lot of time off after that. So it’s good thing, and it will make more people aware of my album. I know I’ll get a lot of new fans just off touring with her.” (MTV)

No further information has been revealed as of now.

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