Soulja Boy Tell Em has responded to new rumors which claim he was forced to leave the city of Chicago, Illinois as a result of being threatened by gang members with weapons.


Writing via Twitter, Soulja Boy defended his street credibility by saying he has never been scared out of a city.

“@24hourhiphop that’s crazy,” Soulja Boy wrote Wednesday (December 16). “how u post that with no picture, video or anything. that never happened in any city.. #theworldsocold.” (Soulja Boy Tell Em’s Twitter)

Reports of the incident landed online earlier today.

Rappers meeting hostile greetings in cities they travel to is nothing new, especially in the case of the teeny bopper crowd. So recently several Chi-Town goons have claimed that they ran up on Soulja Boy and his crew when they were in town and according to their e-mail it got ugly! “if u havnt heard me & my ni**as ran soulja boy b***h a** up outta chi town false clamin blood..we shut his show down,we ran n his show bustin shots & cleared that b***h out..them s.o.d n***as is pu***sies they aint bout bout shyt & that n***a j bar waz bout 2 cry when i had tha piece 2 his face,i jacked that n***a 4 hit chain & t0ok his 3 grand he had n his let tha rest of des gay a** wanna b blood rap[pers come 2 tha chi its a wrap.” (24 Hour Hip Hop)

The rapper was, however, reportedly robbed by armed men at his Georgia home last year.

As recently reported, rapper Soulja Boy was reportedly robbed by 6 “goons” at least reportedly that’s what the rapper supposedly text messaged to a friend. Well, in a video released on the internet, 2 men, who are wearing rags over the face to hide their identity, are claiming it was just them, the 2 of them, and they are who robbed the rapper at gun point after knocking on Soulja Boy’s door at 4 a.m. (Hip Hop RX)

Earlier this year, Soulja Boy detailed the precautions he now takes to protect himself.

“It changed the way I go about handling things now,” he said in an interview about the robbery. “It just made me change the precautions in my security now, you know what I’m saying? I keep a pistol in every room now. You know, my bodyguards stay strapped now, you know what I’m saying? Before that happened, I ain’t really just think about things like that because I ain’t really, you know, I be beefing with rappers and stuff like that. But I ain’t just really got no beef in the streets like that and now I do. It’s like I’m on another level now, you know what I’m saying? So I take them sorta precautions now. But as far as when I’m in the studio recording, it depends on what type of record I make. On my third album, it’s gonna be real deep, and I will go in more depth about what happened at the house that night.” (Popeater)

Check out Soulja Boy Tell Em speaking on his past robbery below:

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