R&B singer Cassie’s new song is out and all we can say is… WOW!!! In her new song, entitled What She Don’t Know, the girl is taking some OBVIOUS shots and Diddy’s OTHER CHICK, his baby’s moms Kim Porter. This may be the most BRAZEN jumpoff pride anthem that we’ve ever heard.

Here’s a sample of the lyrics to the song:

So when they see us together, he says I’m just a friend,

But me and him know what up, so we know its not pretend


So when she comes up to you,

Saying that she knows about what we do

Ima tell her, What she don’t know wont hurt her

What she don’t know wont hurt her


So then she goes through your phone

Gave me a secret name so she wont know

To hear the full song, click below. It’s actually kinda hot too:

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