DJ Khaled has spoken about the low record sales his artist Ace Hood received on his two solo releases and said he viewed the fellow Miami rapper as a rising star.


From Khaled’s perspective, Ace still has room to grow and gain a bigger following.

“A lot of people don’t know, Ace Hood is one of the most selling new rap artists,” Khaled explained in an interview. “It’s hard to sell a lot of records these days; that’s what they sayin’, right? But at the same time, if I look at other new rap artists that came out in the last two years, like new artists on his level, he sold more. It’s not even like that with me [with sales.] It’s about making Ace into a superstar, which he is gonna be, one of the big superstars in the game.” (XXL Mag)

Ace’s last album, Ruthless, debuted on the charts last summer.

DJ Khaled protege Ace Hood’s sophomore project Ruthless hit No. 23 in it’s first week. After a solid seven days on the charts, the album is seen scanning 19,700 pieces. (Sales Wrap)

Predicting his status five years from 2009, Hood previously revealed where he would like to see his career go.

“I’m going to be so rich,” he explained in an interview. “My brand is going to be like a Bad Boy label. We’re going to be one of the biggest mobs in the game. We going to have everything on smash. I might just build another community in another island or something. Show you what We The Best is! Nah, but for real, 5 years from now, I just hope to be successful. One day, I could have artists of my own being able to buy their own million dollar cribs, and have things of their own. Have their own Bentleys and Phantoms. I just wanna have Ace Hood bumping in every city, like a New York. I could just have an Ace Hood poster or an Ace Hood clothing line. Just have a brand for myself. I just want people to see Ace Hood as the rapper, the dude with the clothing line, all while the money is counting up. That’s how we gonna get it.” (Hip Hop Game)

Hood is known for having a strong following from his core Southern fanbase.

Within a matter of weeks, DJ Khaled signed Ace, then 19 years old, as the first artist to his newly formed We the Best Music, which obtained distribution through Def Jam a few weeks after that. Ace’s Def Jam debut single, the Runners-produced Cash Flow, featuring Rick Ross and ubiquitous hook singer T-Pain, came in early 2008 and turned out to be a smash hit on South Florida radio. A few mixtapes and guest appearances later, he released his first full-length, Gutta, in summer 2008. (All Music)

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