With the upcoming release of his Special Reserve album, Obie Trice reached out to SOHH to clarify speculation on his first post-Shady Records solo project being a replacement for his rumored Bottom’s Up.

According to Obie, his album consists of pre-recorded material and will not replace his upcoming third studio album.

“Me and my man [MoSS] from Toronto, h*ll of a producer, we’re putting the music out there that we did back in the day and just putting it out there, it’s some old-school, new-school hip-hop sh*t,” Obie told SOHH. “When Bottom’s Up comes out, then we’ll talk about that Shady sh*t. This is some of the music that signed me to Eminem’s label.” (SOHH)

Producer MoSS also told SOHH the project has material from over ten years ago.

“All of the songs were done between 1997 and 2000,” MoSS added. “This is an album that we were getting ready right before Shady called Obie.” (SOHH)

Initial speculation said the album would consist of newly recorded songs.

Ever since leaving Shady slash Aftermath, Obie Trice has been hard at work on his next effort “Special Reserve.” The new album is a collaboration effort between Obie and rising producer and DJ Premier associate MoSS, who signed to Premo’s “Works Of Mart” production company. Set to hit stores around December 15th, we aren’t sure if is just a taste of Obie’s music before he drops his “Bottoms Up” album or if it’s a total replacement for it. (Rap Basement)

The album will consist of 11 songs which includes one bonus record.

Special Reserve: Welcome. Got Hungry. You’ve Been Slain. On & On. I Am. 4 Stories. Roughnecks featuring Deuce Wonder. Cool Cat. What You Want. Jack My D*ck. Dope, Jobs, Homeless. (Special Reserve)

Special Reserve is slated to drop Tuesday, December 15th.

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