Former drug kingpin Azie Faison has spoken on his dissatisfaction with Dame Dash’s Paid In Full film, which is based on his life.

According to AZ, Dash left out critical points in the film.

“I may have squashed a lot of beefs, I may have saved a lot of lives, but the people that didn’t listen, a majority of those people are either dead or doing a 100 years,” Azie said in an interview. “And the people that did listen, they still here to listen and talk to you and say ‘Yo, AZ saved my life,’ or ‘I look up to A for what he told me.’ And that’s what I was trying to do with the first film man. Paid In Full. Like, listen everybody man. But they just, Dame Dash and them had they own agenda. Dame at first man, he seemed like he was the perfect one to do the project. But the outcome? What I’m feeling and seeing him now, aww, I have to take second thoughts on that man. You know I respect him, I respect Roc-A-Fella Films, Miramax Films for doing it, but come on man, come on. The truth is the truth. It’s not gonna hurt nobody. What the f*ck? If you were there, you were there. If you wasn’t, you wasn’t man. Stop living in the world of make believe.” (GasFace)

Cam’ron, who played Rico, previously spoke with SOHH about his feelings on the movie.

“It was a great experience, I got to work with Wood Harris who y’all know from “The Wire,” Mekhi Phifer. It was a pleasure working with both them guys they taught me a lot of stuff on the set. It was fun. I think I had to pull the part off really because everybody in Harlem knew that story as far as Alpo and Rich Porter and AZ and if I didn’t do a good job I would have to hear everybody’s mouth when I went back to the hood. So I studied the role, played the part and it turned out real good and I thank Dame Dash for the opportunity.” (SOHH)

The movie storyline centered on AZ’s life as an up-and-coming drug dealer.

Ace is an impressionable young man working for a dry cleaning business. His friend, drug dealer Mitch goes to prison. In an unrelated incident, he finds some cocaine in a pants pocket. Soon, Ace finds himself dealing cocaine for Lulu. Via lucky breaks and solid interpersonal skills, Ace moves to the top of the Harlem drug world. Of course, unfaithful employees and/or rivals conspire to bring about Ace’s fall. (IMDb)

Azie previously touched on his issues with Dash around 2007.

Azie met up with Dame Dash to get the story produced. His 189 page screenplay would have resulted in a 3 1/2 hour movie, so it needed some editing, but Azie felt it got watered down too much. He loved the acting but not the story. The finished product made little reference to the social forces that push so many youth to sell and use drugs. My experiences in school and decision to drop out were not mentioned. There were no portrayal of corrupt law enforcement officials and how they cooperate with drug dealers and other criminals just to make a fast buck. (Whu Dat)

Check out Azie Faison speaking on the film below:


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