So now it’s becoming clearer what exactly we’re ‘waiting’ for…

Good Morning America has confirmed that RIHANNA will be performing ‘a new single’ from her album on November 23rd. And this intriguingly ominous poster you’re about to see everywhere? Well turns out this isn’t the title of the new album or the cover (which Rih shot artwork for in Berlin last week).

But it is intriguing. So we got to thinking, what do we actually know about this new album – the first since the original version of Good Girl Gone Bad dropped in 2007 – and the first since, well you know? But Rih’s celebrity friends have already done so much talking about this new album for her, that we already have a pretty good idea of what to expect – Edgy.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE (officially NOT her boyfriend) and NE-YO have both produced songs for the disc and describe it as an ‘edgy, darker and more mature’ Rihanna.  While we know there are guest appearances from DRAKE, AKON and The All American Rejects.

KANYE WEST (who’s also NOT in India btw) has also talked about doing some work on the album – tho this was before ‘Run This Town’ so we’re not sure what his work on Rih’s album actually was…You never know with Ye.

And her ‘Umbrella’ producer Tricky Stewart says that he’s ‘in love with’ her new material (the stuff he’s done anyway) and that it’s a completely new direction from her smash hit that rocked her into pop stardom.

But the one thing we still don’t know? The name of the album. But supposedly that’s going to come by next week, as well as some new solo material…

And we will be waiting. Also it has yet to be confirmed if Rih will be doing an interview (presumably with Diane Sawyer) along with her GMA performance but it seems likely at this point. Stay tuned.


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