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The Detroit Podcast Festival Returns for its Sophomore Year. Pod casters, storytellers, broadcast studios and media mavericks convene for a weekend of live, Detroit-based podcasting and storytelling events across the city.

 DETROIT – Co-producers Joy Mohammed and Erin Allen are proud to announce the return of the annual Detroit Podcast Festival, a weekend of live, Detroit-based podcasting and storytelling events across the city. The festival is Thursday June 27 – Sunday June 30. They’ve built upon the richness of the 2018 inaugural festival with more eclectic acts, local and corporate sponsors and live shows for Detroit-based pod casters and storytellers.

According to Edison Research, more than half of Americans over the age of 12 are podcast listeners, up from 30% as recently as 2014. This affirms the format as a popular media source, coinciding with an overall increase in digital media consumption, specifically on mobile devices.

Detroit Podcast Festival is a showcase of the most compelling Detroit voices in this rapidly expanding medium, leaping from our cell phones and tablets onto a live stage for audiences to engage.

The festival starts Thursday, June 27 with a kickoff mixer. The event will open with prolific storyteller and host of The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers, Satori Shakoor and feature a live story from NPR’s acclaimed Snap Judgement host and native Michigander Glynn Washington.  From there, this extended weekend will continue with yoga, workshops, Sunday brunch, a pitch competitions, podcasting for youth and of course, live podcasting and storytelling on stage with some of Detroit’s most dynamic voices.

All events are ticketed and many are free, thanks to our gracious sponsors: Graham Media, Musictown Detroit, WDET, and podcast studios such as Motor City Woman and the Audio-wave Network. Here is an overview of the weekend.


Storytelling 101 with Satori Shakoor


McGregor Memorial Conference Center

Detroit Podcast Festival 2019 Kick-off


Location TBA


NPR’s StoryLab Presents: How to Launch and Pitch a Podcast

Noon – 4pm

Detroit Public Library Main Branch

Ann Delisi’s Essential Conversation: Glynn Washington

4 – 6PM

Framed by WDET Gallery

Radio Campfire Presents: ‘Round Here, audio stories, sound portraits and sonic experiments from Detroit about our neck of the woods

6:30 – 7:30PM

MusicTown Detroit

Shannon Cason Presents: Homemade Stories Live!

8 – 9:30PM

MusicTown Detroit


Yoga Love Supreme Presents: #DetroitDrip 313-Inspired Yoga & Podcast Experience

10AM – 12:30PM

The Elevator Building

JoyIsTheCulture Presents: PodKids

Noon – 4PM

MusicTown Detroit

WDET Storymakers Presents: The Art of Interviewing with Ann Delisi

2:30 – 3:30PM

WDET Studios

WDET Storymakers Pitch Competition

4 – 6PM

WDET Studios

Audiowave Network Presents: Black As Podcasts

6 – 9PM

MusicTown Detroit


Motor City Woman Presents: Women’s Podcast Brunch

11AM – 3PM

Le Petit DeJeuner

Ask an Engineer with WDET’s Sam Beaubien


WDET Studios

More information and all event tickets can be found at Detroit Podcast Festival organizers Joy and Erin,  can be reached at

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