Yung Miami of City Girls Rolling Loud Miami

Source: Lourdes Sukari / Lourdes Sukari

Meek Mill once said an iconic line in Hip Hop that some people use in their every day life. The Hip Hop artist said “Ain’t this what you been waiting for”. I think it’s safe to say everybody has been waiting for the official jail release date of JT, the second half or the City Girls.  According to their manager, JT could be getting out in three months.

If this is true then this might be right on time for the Hip Hop duo being that Young Miami just announced that she is pregnant. It wont be long now that Young Miami cant perform due to her pregnancy. So if all works out, it will be JT’s turn to hold down the City Girls live performances. One thing is for sure, everybody had been waiting for the “FREE JT” day. Hopefully that day is coming in 90 days.

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