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  Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper NBA Young Boy Has Been in jail since mid May 2019, has been sentenced to another two months of jail time before he is even placed on house arrest for the remainder of his probation.  Judge Bonnie Jackson this past Friday, June 21.  Issued a ruling that the Young up-incoming Artist, was ordered to serve 90 days jail time, He has roughly two months time remaining. Once NBA Young Boy Is released he will be placed on house arrest for roughly another 14 months.

some of the guide lines behind this ruling is that Young Boy will not be allowed to perform any shows while on probation.  NBA Young Boy is also required to wear a GPS monitor during his time while on house arrest.

Young Boy was on probation for the 2016 shooting case for which he pleaded guilty. The plea deal sentenced Young Boy to three years of probation with a suspended 10-year prison sentence. One of the conditions of his probation was that he remain free of additional arrests and convictions.

On Feb. 11, 2019, NBA Young Boy was arrested in Atlanta after an incident at the Hyatt in which NBA Young Boy allegedly told a woman to keep housekeeping staff out of their room. The woman, reportedly assaulted one of the staff members, striking her in the face.

Judge Jackson ruled to put his probation on hold while the district attorney’s office investigates a social media video allegedly showing Young Boy making violent threats.


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