Kash Doll Summer Jamz 20

Source: Alicia West / Radio On

Over the last couple of days, Tory Lanez has been getting applause in the social media world for sticking up for the “sisters”. In a new music video the director tries to replace one of his the dark skin video girls for a light skin one. Once Tory recognized what was going on, he immediately put the “Colorism” to a stop and brought back in the dark skin video girl. One would think in 2019 that these actions wouldn’t still go on but it happens more than you think. It even happens to hip hop artist, just ask Kash Doll.


Yesterday Kash doll went to social media and let everybody know about her recent transaction with Colorism . Kash tweeted out “It’s crazy i remember saying i haven’t witnessed Colorism just yet in the industry… well it happened! This guy don’t even wanna clear this beat Bc of my skin tone or unless i get another woman on the hook that’s a lighter complexion… just wanted to share that with u guys”. Sorry you had to go through that queen but keep shining and putting on for the D. And good luck at the BET Awards.



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