Kobe Bryant And Phil Jackson Address The Media

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You ever heard the expression “kick a man while he’s down”? I thinks we all had our kicking with Lamar Odom during his bad times. Raise your hand if you ever made of phone with Lamar when he got caught up with Khloe or when he was in the hospital for overdose or when… well you get the point. Shame the same, I have poked fun many times at Lamar Odom which is why we should all right our wrongs together.

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Lamar is now doing promo all over the world for his new tell all book . And on his tour he made a stop and talked to hip hop legend Talib Kweli about how he has faced death over 10 times. He talked about having 6 heart attacks and 12 strokes due to drugs. He also talked about how he should have taken Jay Z’s advice as far as business deals. Listen to the whole interview below.

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