Detroit Police Beat Black Man For Running Stop Sign

Source: NewsOne Now Screenshots / NewsOne Now

Five years later I’m sure we all know the story behind Eric Garner. If for some reason you have been hiding under a rock let me some it up for you. Eric was an unarmed black man who got choked to death after repeatedly saying “I can’t breath”. Daniel Pantaleo the officer who choked him to death is now on administrative trial and could possibly lose his badge if things go south for him. You would think this trial would be simple being that the whole world has seen the video of Eric Garners death.  However Daniel’s lawyer is out to prove this wasn’t a case of unarmed black man being choked to death but a case of “health conditions”.

In a recent administrative hearing, Officer Pantaleo’s union lawyer said that Eric’s health condition would have killed him anyways. The attorney said  “He was a ticking time bomb that resisted arrest. If he was put in a bear hug, it would have been the same outcome.” Isn’t it sad how the system is set up to flip the script just to cover the boys in blue’s behinds. The streets went crazy when first seeing what happen to Eric. I can only imagine the out roar of what will happen if Officer Pantaleo keeps his badge.

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