Jessica Nabongo is on track to become the first Black woman to travel to all 195 countries of the world!

Nabongo grew up on Detroit’s westside in the Grandmont neighborhood and has been passionate about travel since she was a child. The daughter of Ugandan immigrants, she moved to New York for college and returned to Detroit after graduation. After deciding she wasn’t fulfilled in her corporate job, she moved to Japan to teach English.

She is now a writer, photographer, public speaker and travel influencer. Nabongo says she typically avoids the the “touristy” parts of new countries and sometimes uses her instagram followers to help her get a local perspective.

So far, she’s been to 175 countries. Her goal is to visit the remaining 20 by her late father’s birthday, October 6th. Nabongo’s dad came to the US in the 1950s on a scholarship to Western Michigan University. She says “If he didn’t have that opportunity I wouldn’t be here.”

Follow her travel journey on instagram @thecatchmeifyoucan.

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