Don’t run if you’re not fast.

Jayson Cordero, sentenced to 90-days in jail, escaped a courthouse in Rochester Hills, MI. Video shows the man motioning away from where he was standing and then running out of the court room and down the street.

The man was later caught and arrested in a wooded area not far from the courthouse. Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard says that protocols are in place to prevent things like this from happening. However, the presiding Judge didn’t follow them. According to Sheriff Bouchard, the courts are supposed to give the precinct a call to request officers for sentencing before handing down the sentence. That way they are already in place to take the offender to jail.

Sheriff Bouchard says Cordero will get “at least two or three times the amount of jail time, for sure.”

Watch Jayson Cordero’s desperate court room escape here.

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