Soulja Boy

Source: Soulja Boy

Do y’all remember when Soulja Boy said “Tyga..Tyga” as if he was insulted people actually considered Tyga having the biggest come back in 2018. I mean for months and months people would say any name or word in the “Soulja” voice. No matter if you agreed with Soulja having the biggest come back in 2018 or not, you would most likely be lying if you said that you didn’t use to mock Soulja Boy when you would said certain things.

Since Soulja has been locked up, things have been quiet on social media with out him. Sure Cardi gives us something every now and then. And we can always count on 50 Cent to get us talking but it’s nothing like some Soulja antics. Well maybe we wont be waiting for long because Soulja says he will be home soon. Look below and tell us what you think.

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