We love Drake, but he might really be bad luck.

Anthony Joshua former heavyweight champ lost THREE titles this weekend to Andy Ruiz and we’re not sure if it’s Joshua’s own fault or Drake’s. In one of the biggest boxing upsets in recent history, Joshua lost the WBO, IBF and IBO heavyweight titles in a 7th round TKO after posting a picture on instagram with Drake.

It has been rumored that once Drake publicly supports a team or a person in competition, they lose. It’s called the Drake curse. Joshua vowed on IG that he would break the curse on June 1st but… that’s not what happened. He endured a total of four knockdowns before the refs called for a TKO in round 7 of the title fight against Andy Ruiz, the 11-1 underdog, at Madison Square Garden.

Drake is well aware of the rumors and has even mocked the curse by intentionally supporting the Sixers in their face off against the Raptors. They lost, sending the Toronto Raptors, Drake’s home team, to the NBA finals.

What do you think? Do you believe in the Drake Curse? Vote below!

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