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Five years ago 43-year-old Eric Garner lost his life at the hands of police. While taken to the ground by 3 police officers, he repeatedly said ” I can’t breathe” but the police officers did not listen, resulting in Eric Garner’s passing.

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Now in 2019, Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who is accused of choking Eric Garner to death is facing a public disciplinary trial that could lead to his firing.

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Garner’s mother, Gwenn Carr, spoke on her son’s untimely death and her feelings about the officers:

It has been five long years, Pantaleo and all those other officers who actually murdered my son that day, they are still collecting their salaries. They still go home every day and it’s business as usual with them. But with me, we relive this every day.

If he is found guilty he will be fired and not be able to serve in law enforcement again, but is that enough? Is that really justice for Eric Garner/ What do you all think. Leave comment below.

#ICantBreathe: Protestors Demand Justice For Eric Garner
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