Meek Mill

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Can you imagine living in a world where all you want to do is live your life and help others but the law messes with you every chance they get? Well this is exactly what’s going on with Meek Mill. From the very start Judge Brinkley has had it out for Meek Mill.  Just last week she denied him the opportunity to go to The Raptors vs 76ers game in Toronto. Now Brinkley has made Meek Mill miss out on a $450,000 performance.

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Back in March, Meek Mill was booked to perform in Abu Dhabi  however we all know that he needs permission from the judge to travel out of the country. Meek had until March 15th to get the approval but, Judge Brinkley didn’t approve the trip until March 19th.

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We are not sure why the judge keeps infringing on Meek Mill’s freedom, we just hope she stops!

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