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Make no mistake about it, Game of Thrones has probably broke all records for the most viewed television show ever. Now in it’s final season, it seems like every Sunday the world is on edge wondering what is going to happen next. Every Sunday the world is on edge wondering who will the last one standing to take the ‘Iron Throne’. However there is just one problem when you’re being watched to such a high magnitude, people see EVERYTHING including a miscellaneous Starbucks cup.

Usually on Monday morning people walk into the office  asking their co workers “did you see what happened yesterday”. However it seems like today people are walking into work asking “did you see the Starbucks cup? ” Apparently  if you look very close in the ‘Victory Dinner” scene, you will a Starbucks cup right in front of Daenerys.

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None of us lived back in the mid evil times but I think it’s safe to say that back then there wasn’t a Starbucks sitting on the mountain top. This obviously was clear over site by the staff of this iconic show but didn’t take away from the greatness of the episode. It does however leave you wondering, what if the Lord of Winterfell could order a Caramel Frap to his chambers. Maybe there wouldn’t be so much war.

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