Celebrities catch flights all the time. Sometimes, they miss them too!

That’s exactly what happened to Raz-B at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport this weekend. He missed a Delta Airlines flight to Atlanta and needed to be re-booked. While waiting for the booking agent, Anisha Eldridge, to find Raz-B and his girlfriend another flight, the B2K member hit a dance move. Mariah McGraw, another Delta employee, copied the move perfectly! Since he probably needed the practice anyway after spending a couple of days in jail, Raz offered to teach McGraw the choreography to B2K’s hit song Girlfriend. 

See how she did below!

McGraw, a member of the local dance team Sette the Zone , says that meeting Raz-B “must have been meant to be” since she usually works at Delta’s ticket counter. She learned the “Girlfriend” choreography in about 20 minutes while Raz-B’s actual girlfriend recorded the video. You gotta admit, it’s great to see Raz-B in good spirits!


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