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If you stayed up till midnight to see Beyonce’s Netflix documentary ‘Homecoming’, raise your hand. I’m sure thousands if not millions of hands were raised. The Queen B did it again and as usual she didn’t disappoint. Her new Netflix documentary is nothing short of amazing. It gave us the true inside look and behind the scenes of getting prepared for her Coachella performance.

First Look At Beyonce’s New Netflix Movie! [VIDEO]

As if the documentary wasn’t enough, Beyonce had the nerve to drop a new live album. The album is basically Coachella all over again and has a special bonus track ‘Before I  Let Go’ cover song. If there is any doubt of why this woman is so celebrated, simply press play on Netflix. If there is any doubt of why people love her music so much, simply get her new album. You did it again Beyonce and as always, we salute you.

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