The hip-hop culture is all about individuality, expressing yourself and being unique. You can do that with song lyrics, a strong political statement or even with fashion. Future aka, The Astronaut Kid or King Pluto has never been one to shy away from being fly! In his mind, wearing Gucci is all a part of his drip and Future isn’t ready to let the Gucci go! This is even despite the controversy surrounding the popular brand.

The Official Birthday Bash Afterparty Hosted by Future

Prince Williams

Future says that he’s been wearing Gucci for a while now. Since before all of this controversy came about. If you don’t remember, Gucci released a sweater that came with a face-mask attachment that appeared to be in blackface. This caused many rappers, much notably T.I to stoppporting Gucci due to offensive content.  Joining Future in supporting Gucci are notable public figures like Floyd Mayweather , Lil Wayne and several others!

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So what are you doing? What are your thoughts? Are you still wearing Gucci or did you have to reorganize your closet? I personally would probably follow my own individuality and wear  whatever I wanted to, protest or no protest!

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What would you do? Make sure you sound off in the comments below and let us know! Click here for the full story!


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