Cardi B Birthday Bash ATL 2018

Source: Justinmyview / Radio One

Just when you thought that the new queen of hip hop could do no wrong, Cardi B drops a big one on us. Outside of her number one hits, Cardi’s brutal honesty on her social media is a huge reason why she is loved and adored by so many. Some may question why she puts so much of her business out to the world such as when she said on IG about her and Offset taking a break. Let’s not forget about the time when she admitted that she missed Offsets private parts during their separation. This latest rant of honesty though may actually hurt her.

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Cardi took to twitter saying that nobody knows what she had to do to get money. She bragged about taking guys back to the room with the assumption they were going to have sex but instead she drugged them and robbed them.

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This may get one to thinking, why is this okay? In an era where the cases of Bill Cosby and R. Kelly exist, why is Cardi’s actions so excusable. Why are her actions to be applauded like “that’s right girl, you did what you had to do”. Do you think that Cardi B should receive scrutiny for this or maybe even jail time? Leave comments below and let us know what you think.

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