Neisha Neshae - Summer Jamz 21

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People in and out of the entertainment or music industry are very aware of SXSW, the annual music festival that takes place in Texas! Well, naturally it went down as usual this year and Detroit made a big splash! (Source: Hip hop DX) Some of Detroit’s best and brightest artists were there this year rocking the stage! From LaBritney, Dame Dot, Neisha Neshae to Team East Peezy and more! Detroit is looking better and better in the game and you gotta love it!


Also notable is the fact that the 313’s own Kash Doll just wrapped up a tour run with Meek Mill, who has been on fire ever since he regained his freedom! Detroit is looking more and more like an epicenter for talent! We’re rivaling other big music markets such as L.A,  Atlanta and New York. But our style in the D is definitely all our own! Click the link below for some highlights from SXSW and make sure you check out Hot 107.5 on IG for the latest on everything Hip-Hop! (@hiphopdetroit)

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