After waiting for hours on end for the NickiWRLD Tour to actually begin, the Barbz in Bratislava, Slovakia were forced to go home un-entertained. Nicki Minaj cancelled the show, last-minute due to the electrical capacity of the venue. Minaj posted, then deleted, videos of an apology explaining that the venue underestimated the number of electrical elements in her show. In the since deleted video, Nicki Minaj took the stage fully dressed to let her fans know about the issues and promised to make it up to them in the future.

The caption read “Gutted. Heart broken. I can’t believe my fans sometimes. After waiting for hours & hours, they still tried to be understanding. Production was told the building does not” have the power to facilitate my lifts (which don’t only move me below & very VERY high above the stage, but also move all our props furniture, dancers, band, etc.), our lighting rig, fog, cryo, confetti, movies/visuals. They’d get the show powered up then the breaker would basically trip after a few mins. “

Nicki also stated that she and JuiceWRLD watched the production team struggle with the electrical issue for hours. She thinks that part of the problem is that they underestimated her show writing “I think the venue/promo team probably didn’t expect a rap show to have such over the top production.’

The bright spot is that she intends to make it up to the Slovakian Barbz in some way. Minaj wrote “ Slovakia, I love you so much & I’ll do everything in my power to get back to you as soon as I can”.

Check out pics from other stops on the NickiWRLD Tour Below!

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