With so many snow days in 2019, an extra week of school for Michigan students is a possibility.

Lawmakers are considering forgiving the increased number of snow days this year in order to avoid keeping students in school for an additional week in June but the students are not in the clear yet! Currently, Michigan law allows a maximum of five snow days (or any type of emergency school cancellations) for K-12 districts before requiring the districts to schedule make-up days. Schools  are allowed to apply for a waiver for up to three additional days. The problem is that many schools have already used at least 9 days and some are up to 15, due to this winter’s extreme weather. Some school’s are looking at scheduling an extra week’s worth of sessions to make up for it.

The state encountered a similar situation in 2013 and held back on forcing more days of school on students and teachers across Michigan. Legislation has been introduced to eliminate the need for extra days but the fate of it is uncertain since many Michigan schools are under performing in some areas. Get the full story here.

Do you think your kid needs an extra week of school? Let us know!

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